Vodafone Fakka – Interesting Campaign

Dec 15th, 2013 YouTube Mohamad Khawaja

Vodafone and JWT create innovative “Fakka” Campaign Award winning work makes real value out of small change “Fakka” means ‘small change’ in Arabic. Small change is a particular problem for consumers and retailers alike in Egypt. Very often small retailers such as pharmacies, vegetable stores or corner shops do not have a ready supply of small change for their customers. Instead they will hand back…

Google Now

Google now is changing the future. The Era of Anticipatory Computing!

Nov 24th, 2013 Events, Innovation Mohamad Khawaja

Many ecommerce players have put an outstanding effort in helping online shoppers decide what to buy and take the action forward – i.e. purchase/ complete the order- while few have managed to make your life easier after that! Most of the challenges we face after we buy something online are the lack of information about our purchased goods; where they are? And when to expect…