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The story of war in Gaza: The US Edition! #GazaUnderAttack

Jul 31st, 2014 politics, social media Mohamad Khawaja

I was discussing with friends and family about how to put an end to the war in Gaza as the death toll for today is: Israel 100 or less, Palestine 1400+ and the counter is ticking! Over 80% of Palestinians deaths are kids and women who have no crime except being Palestinians, Ain’t this enough for the Worl!? Moreover, 10,000 injured, thousands of houses destroyed, tens…

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A pivot: What do you do when your hyptheses do not match reality?

Jun 11th, 2014 Entrepreneurship, YouTube Mohamad Khawaja

A exciting summarized video about how important a pivot for a startup and how to do it in practice? Thanks to Steve Blank 🙂         Related articles What is a pivot for a start-up Do Pivots Matter? Steve Blank on what Yahoo does wrong with startups, Amazon does right Entrepreneurs: Pivot or you’ll divot Steve Blank: Vision versus Hallucation – Founders and…