going mobile

How Going Mobile is Transferring Banking Globally

Mar 26th, 2016 Apps, Innovation, Uncategorized Mohamad Khawaja

I was glad speaking as part of a panel during the SME Toolkit event in Abu Dhabi last year presenting exciting case studies to banks and other players and partners in IFC SME Toolkit. There were two other speakers Alvin Mokaya from Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya and George Da Re from Inter-American Investment Corporation who presented exciting stories about how mobile transformed lives radically…

Internet of Things giving more power to mobile

IoT brings more power to “mobile” as the center of “everything”!

Aug 10th, 2015 gadget, Innovation Mohamad Khawaja

I’ve just enjoyed listening to a16z’s podcast (episode embedded at the bottom) about how the smartphone is becoming the Sun! or “the center of Tech” as Benedict Evans described it; any device, system or service now has greater chances to grow and spread being part of the mobile ecosystem and supply chain. Drones, wearables, connected TVs, automated homes and all such products are connected to…

Tim Cook introducing Apple Pay

How Apple innovated the Business Model of Apple Pay?

Sep 12th, 2014 Innovation, Quora Mohamad Khawaja

Many apple fans may argue that Apple’s primary success is centered around innovating new products, other may label Apple as a key innovator in value proposition: The product as an experience – taking the Digital Crown of Apple Watch as a case, but for me, Apple’s primary innovation has always been in creating new and viable business models – better ways to create, deliver and…

Google Now

Google now is changing the future. The Era of Anticipatory Computing!

Nov 24th, 2013 Events, Innovation Mohamad Khawaja

Many ecommerce players have put an outstanding effort in helping online shoppers decide what to buy and take the action forward – i.e. purchase/ complete the order- while few have managed to make your life easier after that! Most of the challenges we face after we buy something online are the lack of information about our purchased goods; where they are? And when to expect…